Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Best purchase ever!

Been a while since I came in here. Haven't even crossed my mind, but anyways.... I purchased this great flat iron this weekend. Its the best ever, considering my hair only stays flat with lots of chemicals which in the end leaves it dry and brittle.

You know those stands at the mall where they ask if they can straighten your hair with their flattening iron. The one I'm talking about is called, Cortex. That is the one I got, but for only 1/8 of the price at the mall. At the mall it cost 220 dollars plus tax, and at Winners where I got it, it is only 35 dollar plus tax. My best buy ever, only thing I don't like is that the iron gets really hot and that concerns me when putting it down for it to cool off, but so far so good. I am a happy camper for sure!

For people that doesn't think it will work, trust me it works! I put it to the test this morning, by going to bed last night with wet hair and I managed to straighten it all within 10 minutes, and NO chemicals at all in my hair. My hair is frizzy and wavy and reacts to any kind of moisture that is in the air, but with Cortex it stays the way it should stay. My hair is soft and smooth and doesn't tangle up into knots either. GO AND BUY IT!

Will post a pic of the one I got later :D

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