Monday, September 1, 2008

Bitten all over...

I am so tired today. This longweekend we spent by going camping with my husbands almost entire clan. We were 17 people invading the camping site on Saturday, at Emily Park, and on Sunday we went further east to visit Marmora, our last desintation before heading back to Toronto. Yes, I can get down and dirty, I am not all about the

After getting home we unpacked the car, we also washed and cleaned it, which I have begged my hubby to do for the longest time, yay! Now I got a pile of clothes smelling like burnt firewood that needs to be taken care of. Considering we only went for one night, there is a lot of stuff to clean afterwards...

Things to note for next camping excursion:
* Bring a pillow
* More clothes
* A better flashlight
* Bug spray

Lotus flowers from the lake