Monday, March 17, 2008

Back in TO

I'm back in Toronto, and when I got here there was this huge snowstorm that flew in with me. We had to take a detour to Montreal and refuel, which cost us an hour in delays. I was quite beat when I finally got to bed around 3 am, cause I am one of those people who cant go to sleep until I have unpacked. Now being back here I have noticed that my skin is feeling a lot dryer and my hair a bit more frizzy and my lips are all chapped. I found this Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Scrub a product from Philosophy available at Sephora. It renews dry, flaky lips and exfoliates them and makes them soft and smooth in seconds. Your rub a small amount on your lips until they are smooth, and then just wipe your lips off with a tissue or washcloth. Doesn't that sound like a great product or what? Something I am going to look into, I will give a review if I can manage to get my hands on it. Its a bit pricey, $15 dollars for 0.5 oz.

A lipsaver?

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